This course is designed to provide a study of pertinent biblical teaching on subjects of current interest, debate, and discussion in the society at large and in the Church specifically.  There are multitudinous issues that are currently being instituted and inserted into the Culture of Society (both national and international) that are of great and direct concern for Christians and the Church.  Many practices and even laws that are becoming or have become part of the fabric of our society are of deep concern and even direct violation of the biblical teachings.  This course will analyze and critique some of the major societal issues and trends of our day from a biblical perspective.  Such things as the LGBTQ+ question, Same-Sex Marriage, New Age Doctrine, Emergent Church Theology, Evangelical “Bible-Bashing”, Christian Response to Illegal Immigration, the Christian Palestinian Movement and the State of Israel, the City of Jerusalem, and several other current issues and concerns will be addressed.  A secondary goal for the class is to teach (by example) Christians how to biblically evaluate cultural phenomena and develop their own personal convictions regarding these kinds of difficult questions.