These are courses at the Seminary level. These are graduate level courses. This implies that students hold an undergraduate degree. These courses are semester long (generally 12 weeks) courses.

This NPBS course is designed to provide an understanding of the biblical teaching of Christian life in this Dispensation – the Age of Grace/Church Age/Interim Age. Our Lord Jesus introduced this Age (period-of-time) immediately after the Nation of Israel formally rejected Him and His Kingdom (Matthew 12). Thus, the Messianic Kingdom was postponed, and we have this “Interim Age”. Matthew 13 records the eight parables that Our Lord gave describing and characterizing this Age. This course will cover the full range of biblical teaching on what is involved in Christian living in this Age including the ministry of the Holy Spirit, spiritual warfare, the importance of God’s Word, prayer, and Christian fellowship.

In Galatians 1:8 the Apostle Paul issued an incredibly sobering and formal condemnation upon anyone (he even included ‘Angels’) who preaches any other gospel than the one he and his Apostolic band preached.  But ever since he wrote those words, throughout the ages of Church History that very gospel has been horribly distorted and hotly debated.  That remains true to this very day.  Today the definition of the Gospel continues to be the most important question facing the Church of Jesus Christ.  This course will seek to clarify what the Bible says is the Gospel – The Good News of Jesus, The Christ.

Do you have trouble understanding the Book of Revelation? A captivating study of future events as portrayed in the greatest book of prophecy including the rapture, great tribulation, millennium, Great White Throne Judgment, and the new heaven and earth. While the course is being taught at NPBS as part of the seminary curriculum, it will be taught in such way that Christians with a high school level education will be able to understand the content and greatly benefit from the class. This course takes a pre-tribulation and pre-millennial viewpoint. Remote access to the class is available. 

This course is a continuation of Greek 1.

This course provides introductory study of Greek. It includes basic Greek structures, vocabulary, and simple verbs.

This class is NOT a “Preaching Laboratory” class wherein the primary focus of the class is on students preparing, delivering, and critiquing sermons given by other students. This is a class of the theory and theology of Preaching and Teaching the Bible. There will be some focus later on in the class on how to prepare a biblical sermon or a lesson on a passage from the Bible. But there will NOT be any delivery of sermons or teaching of any lessons required of the students in this class. There will be requirements of working in/with passages of Scripture to do the foundational work of exposition (with discussion of exegetical capacities available with the TOOLS that are available to us with LOGOS BIBLE SOFTWARE), determination of main idea and structural development of the passage (subject/complement), and then taking that material and preparing a ‘preachable/teachable’ outline for a sermon/lesson.

This course will involve a detailed examination from the Reformation (1517) to the present age. The discussion will also include modern ideologies, secularism, humanism, and the rise of Islam as a world terrorist threat.