The United States of America is the greatest nation in the history of human endeavor because it is the only nation in history to have been founded specifically and purposefully upon the principles of the Bible by godly, Christian men and women. But the forces of evil have been seeking to destroy this nation since its founding. First and foremost, in these evil efforts to destroy this nation is to remove God and His Word from its place of authority and prominence in American life & history. This course provides a survey and an introduction to the godly, Christian heritage of this nation’s founding. This will take the form of reviewing small amounts of the massive evidence of the devout Christian lives and convictions of the men and women who founded this wonderful nation.

This course will also provide a survey and introduction to the efforts to rewrite the history of America’s founding –seeking to expunge all references to God and the Bible and to secularize it. If this evil effort succeeds, they will destroy America. May God awaken all Christians to this grave threat and danger and educate and inspire them to engage in this battle to preserve the godly Christian heritage of the USA.