This course examines ten absolute truths about Biblical prophecy. The outcome of this course includes:

  1. The King of the Universe!  You never need to live in fear of anyone or anything.
  2. Every Christian will be greatly encouraged, strengthened, and comforted by it.
  3. You never need to wonder about the perfect accuracy of what you read in the Prophetic Scriptures.
  4. You are always correct to keep Him in Pre-eminence in your heart and mind.
  5. You always have all the clear and complete information YHWH wants you to know about the future in His Word.
  6. You never have to wonder what is True or who is telling the Truth.
  7. You are never without clear biblical data to guide you, encourage you and comfort you.
  8. Even if you cannot know the day or the hour, you can clearly know the times and the seasons.
  9. You can take great comfort in knowing this teaching from the Scriptures.
  10. Even if there are still some unanswered questions there is plenty of teaching to make us extremely confident and joyful in anticipation of what lies ahead for every believer – and especially for those who have lived lives of faithful obedience to our Lord YHWH.